College football picks

After an 11-7 effort last week, I’m 70-26 on the season. Not terrible, but there’s plenty of room for growth and improvement.

Georgia Tech over Duke (I’m tempted, but not that tempted)
N.C. State over Boston College (No good reason here. Just a hunch)
Va. Tech over Western Kentucky
Miami over Florida State
Maryland over Virginia
North Carolina over UConn

Florida over Arkansas
South Carolina over Ole Miss
Alabama over Kentucky
Auburn over Vanderbilt
Tennessee over Northern Illinois

USC over Oregon
Ohio State over Wisconsin


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2 Responses to “College football picks”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I’ll take BC, Ole Miss, and FSU.
    And the QB is out but watch out for UConn’s running game
    (I’m a homer so I’ll roll w/ the Heels too)

  2. jrwojdylo Says:

    gotta enjoy betting on college football games, at least with friends!!

    The Church of Cowherd
    Join the Church of Cowherd!

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