Sights and sounds

As I’m sure you’ve read by now, Fayetteville Christian took a 3-1 overtime victory over Fayetteville Academy Tuesday night in a battle of ranked teams in the latest North Carolina Soccer Coaches Association Poll.

Now, those who are familiar with my work on will know that my photography skills are somewhat lacking. That’s why I like it when people send me pictures to use. They’re almost always vastly superior to mine. I saw at least three people with nice cameras snapping pictures last night. Help me out, and send me some pictures at

Since I don’t have any other ones to use, here are the ones I shot.

Seriously, I need some more pictures.

Let me give a few impressions that I couldn’t squeeze into the article:

1. Both teams are good. Fayetteville Academy got off to the sort of start that would bury most teams, but the Warriors regrouped and settled in nicely the rest of the match. It’s easy to see how they played to a 1-1 draw back on Sept. 11. There won’t be much between them on most nights.

2. The crowd was great. I’ve been to some soccer matches where it was very quiet. The fans were into it, which makes the game more fun for everyone.

3. Daniel Dahnke’s first goal was one of the best I’ve seen in about 10 years of covering high school soccer. Tim Howard couldn’t have saved that one.

4. Both teams played very well defensively. Each group of defenders pressed the forwards and did a good job of getting the ball away from goal and into the midfield for counters.

5. Fayetteville Academy’s Jack Ward stood out for me, as his work holding up the ball and setting up attacks is the sort of meat and potatoes stuff that doesn’t show up on the statsheet. It goes without saying that Dahnke, with his overtime brace, was the man of the match in my book.

There’s also a bit of video:


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