College Football, week four

I was 16-2 last week, misfiring on only Rice and Cal, raising my yearly tally to a sparkling 50-12.

Yeah, I’m good.

Anyway, to avoid any more hubris, let’s pick some games:

ECU over N.C. State
Mississippi State over Georgia Tech (could be a great game, though)
Maryland over Eastern Michigan (after beating Cal, what choice do I have?)
UCF over Boston College (The Knights are solid)
Clemson over S.C. State (It’s a joke that the Tigers are playing two FCS teams this year)
North Carolina over Virginia Tech (The Tar Heels may be a year ahead of schedule)
Miami over Texas A&M
Florida State over Wake Forest

Alabama over Arkansas (I’m not picking against ‘Bama until they lose)
Florida over Tennessee (I’m tempted to pick UT here, but I won’t)
South Carolina over Wofford (yawn)
Ole Miss over Vanderbilt
LSU over Auburn (The Tigers will rip through, well, the Tigers)
Georgia over Arizona State

Oregon over Boise State
Michigan State over Notre Dame (Forget last week, the Irish are still vastly over-rate



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