More on Dish and Gol TV and other random thoughts

I’m a bit under the weather, so the average grocery list will probably make better reading than this will.

But I’m willing to risk it.

Dish Network and Citadel Communications have reached an agreement to restore WOI, an ABC affiliate in Des Moines, Iowa; WHBF, a CBS affiliate in Davenport, Iowa; KLKN, an ABC affiliate in Lincoln, Neb.; and KCAU, an ABC affiliate in Sioux City, Iowa, to the airwaves.

That’s great for those folks, but Gol TV, the only provider of live La Liga and Bundesliga matches in the U.S. is still missing from its usual slot on channel 407.

I’ve got an e-mail in to the press folks at Dish. I’m not holding my breath…

In other news…

1. Washington got hosed at the end of its 28-27 loss at home to BYU. Jake Locker scored a touchdown with two seconds left and threw the ball up in celebration. He was hit with a 15-yard penalty and the ensuing extra point was blocked.

The rule was followed according to the letter of the law. That law, however, is stupid.

2. Anybody shoveling dirt on Roger Federer should stop. He thrashed Andy Murray on Monday to win the U.S. Open title, his 13th major victory. He looked pretty good doing it, too.


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2 Responses to “More on Dish and Gol TV and other random thoughts”

  1. Klaus Kroner Says:

    As a proud German American and dish tv subscriber I am extremely angry that gol tv with the Bundesliga is no longer available. Where can I write to make dishtv fulfill their contract to me

    thanks klaus

  2. Dish Network and Gol TV « The Sports Page Says:

    […] matches) on my Dish Network. As I have written extensively in my personal blog (here, here and here) Dish Network and Gol TV have been sniping about usage fees for the better part of six months now, […]

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