Back, and better than ever

After a record-breaking month of blog hits (1,136, or about as many as Bryan Hanks gets before lunch), I decided to take a few days off.

And, naturally, I’m back ready to rant:

1. Dish Network still hasn’t come to terms with Citadel Communications, which means that Gol TV is still missing from my channel lineup. It sucks. I miss La Liga and the Bundesliga.

2. I’m so glad that ESPN is getting the TV rights to the U.S. Open. I thank USA for its 25 years of coverage, but they spend entirely too much time sitting around a table and talking while actual tennis is being played. If I wanted to watch people talk, I’d flip over to CNN.

3. The MLS should hang its head in shame after New England and Chivas USA were trounced in both legs of their CONCACAF Champions League qualifiers by Joe Public and Tauro, respectively. The league will continue to struggle with credibility issues with results like these.

4. Clemson got pimp slapped by Alabama Saturday night. How do you hand the ball off 14 times by two all-conference type running backs and fail to gain a single yard?

It’s simple. Don’t block anybody. Bring on The Citadel. Whoo-hoo!

5. I taught my lovely wife how to throw a spiral the other day. It was cool. And, happily, my son didn’t turn away and run like a girl every time I threw him the ball. It only happened about 80 percent of the time, which is an improvement from 99…


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