Sticking it to NBC

Through a bit of Internet magic – and no, I’m not telling how – we gathered around a computer in the newsroom this morning to watch Usain Bolt smash the field in the 400 meters.

First of all, NBC is being silly by not showing this event live, either on its Web site or on one of the 15 different channels they’re showing coverage on. The folks at 30 Rock are obviously trying to protect their $900 million investment in the Games, but really, anybody who cared enough to watch it online will still be in front of the tube tonight when they finally get around to showing it.

What I enjoyed was the time-honored tradition of the Games. This morning, news folks and sports guys, Englishmen and Americans, East Coast and West Coast – well, you get the idea – gathered together to marvel at the sheer speed and domination of the Jamaican.

It was a beautiful thing, even if we had to watch a weird Canadian feed with no sound…


Take that, NBC.


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