Gol TV, Dish Network need to get on the stick

OK, enough already.

Dish Network and Citadel Communications, parent company of Gol TV, are sniping back and forth about programming fees.

Why do I care, you ask? Well, it’s simple really.

I want my soccer.

The end result? Gol TV is no longer appearing on channel 407 on my TV. In its place is a free preview of Fox Sports in Spanish. Which would be great if I actually speak Spanish.

Gol TV is the exclusive rights holder to German and Spanish league games in the U.S. So, I’m a little bummed here.

And, rather than meeting to resolve this issue, the companies are sniping at each other.

From Dish…

“Dish Network deeply regrets the disruption of service, but prior to the loss of GolTV, the network refused to offer to negotiate a fair and reasonable price for continued carriage,” the satellite provider said in press release that also included a statement from Eric Sahl, the company’s senior vice president of programming. “We are working hard to negotiate a fair contract with GolTV,” Sahl said. “But we must also protect our customers from unreasonable demands. We take pride in offering consumers the best value for pay TV service in the industry, and we remain committed to keeping our cost structure low to the benefit of our customers.”

Yawn. And from Gol TV…

“Dish Network has demonstrated total disregard for independent networks, the millions of soccer fans we represent, and minority-owned businesses by this action,” said GolTV COO Rodrigo Lombello in a statement. “We urge upset Dish viewers to contact us or Dish to voice their concerns.”

The fact is that Citadel wants more money per subscriber. Dish, having lost 25,000 subscribers in the second quarter, isn’t looking to shell out more money.

All I know is that Dish had better get this worked out soon.

Otherwise, it will be 25,001…


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39 Responses to “Gol TV, Dish Network need to get on the stick”

  1. Gregorio Gil Says:

    ready to be 25,002

    It is my understanding that there will be no agreement between these two

  2. Pete Asmann Says:

    Bring back goaltv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Emilio Espejo Says:

    I will be 25003 and I am ready to switch to DirectTV if there is no agreement by the end of September.

  4. Dr.Soccer Says:

    Same here. Already missed Dortmund (my team) vs. Munich. And La Liga is one of the most entertaining leagues. GolTV also carried the occasional WC Qualifier/Champions League/UEFA Cup match. Looks like I’ll be switching to DirecTV.

  5. Roberto Says:

    25004 here… just to let you know I wrote GOLTV about this issue and they basically said that they saw no solution to the problem and that the best way for me to enjoy GOLTV is to switch providers, now…

    I really love DISH Network and the DRV, menu, guides etc is all better on Dish than DirecTV, now the question is…

    Could I go for a year with watching La Liga on laggy streams on the net? I really don’t care about Bundesliga but La Liga is the best, so there is the question…

    Downgrade to DirecTV or Stream La Liga??

  6. randycapps Says:

    My wife loves Dish, so it looks like laggy streams for me…

  7. barca fan Says:

    I really like Dishnetwork, they have the best guide, dvr and system two tuner. But I am having trouble to decide as goltv is the greedy to get more money while they have long commercial on their station. I may consider stream.

  8. Karo Says:

    25005 here!!! I want my La Liga back!!!!

  9. BayernFan Says:

    This is crazy…I love dish more than direct tv; that’s why I went with them in the first place. But if I can’t watch my reds, that may be enough for me to switch! With all the commercials in spanish for male enhancement and dial up internet, you’d think they would be getting enough money…

  10. Jeff Says:

    We’re just about to switch to DTV. I still have some hope left that the issue will be resolved, but there have been no indications that it is the case. I have heard rumors that La Liga will switch to FSC next year anyway. I really don’t watch to leave Dish because I love everything about it. Well, except the lack of GolTV of course. I would tolerate streams for a year if I knew that La Liga will be available at Dish at some point. But nobody knows.

  11. Ray Says:

    I am getting so fed up with Dishnetwork. The only reason I went with them years ago was for my soccer. First they get rid of my hd soccer under VOOM, now GolTV. About to say hello to directTV

  12. Epineda Says:

    Even though GOLTV has a boring programming but La Liga. I want GolTV back on Disk Network.

  13. raul Says:

    I’m about to be 25,000 and whatever. I like Dish network better than Directv also, but they have been aggravating me since they removed the VOOM HD channels, therefore losing exclusivity; and now they remove Goltv. I think enough is enough. Switching to Directv or (maybe) FiosTV and having the capability to record the matches through their respective DVR’s is a far better alternative than low quality streaming. When I think about, soccer is the main reason I went with Dish network in the first place. Now that reason has been eliminated.

  14. Marc Says:


    I’m getting quite frustrated with Dish TV. All summer long I’ve been trying to cancel my sports subs (NHL, college football etc). This started last year when they suddenly billed me for all in full at the same time instead of each on installments like it had been before.

    Ok, no huge deal. I figured I’d just call and turn them off. Then decide to turn them back on if I wanted. But then I met Dish customer service. It turns out that turning these subs off is dang near impossible. I thought I had it, but then I just got a letter saying that I was going to be automatically subscribed again to the NHL if I didn’t call and say no this month. This is after about 5 other calls and several emails. Arrrrgh.

    Now this. I suddenly notice GOLTV is gone. WTF!

    I used to like Dish. Like many above, I had thought they were far superior to DirectTV. But, with the way this is going, I suspect I’ll be switching to Direct TV soon as well.

    If their ‘gol’ is to drive away customers, Dish is doing a fine job of it.

  15. sami Says:

    i will definetly switch to directv, if they dont get goltv then they r not getting my money i already pay monthly more than it would cost me to cancel. if directv offer goltv setanta and fox soccer then i will not hesitate and i know at least six other people who will


    I talked alot to goltv and reached no where… i rely on dish network because of the international programming package that no one else has!!! otherwise i would leave them now in order to follow Bayern Munich.

    It seems to me that goltv is giving an advantage of exclusivity to Direct TV for many years to come.

    Now the good news that I read here is that La Liga rights will move to FSC next season…..

    I am just hopeful and praying that maybe Setanta can pick up the Bundesliga rights next year and this way GolTV’s childish stunt at getting more money will end up costing them everything and every advantage they possessed before going on the greed rampage…

    Why would they be asking for a price increase on Dish but not everywhere else?? That doesn’t tie up with the strategy of reaching 65 million fans as they claim…..

  17. ED Says:

    I will also be 25,000 and whatever. Like Emilio, I’m giving GolTV and Dish until the end of September, otherwise DirecTV will putting Dish out of business. Dish, I lived in Barcelona for 3 years. My wife is from Barcelona. Visca Barca! Enough said. I’ll be gone just as quick as you yanked GolTV so I can see my team play. I hope you’re happy with the customers you’re loosing…?

  18. ED Says:

    You all need to go here and sign this petition.

    Also, send all your complaints directly to these 3 e-mails. Dish needs to hear this message loud and clear!!


  19. rod Says:

    Need GolTv otherwise I am switching to directTv.

    La liga is soccer…settke with GolTv or loose me very soon!!!

  20. Ash Says:


    There is no reason to believe an agreement will be reached. I called Dish and threatened to cancel if GOLTV was not restored on the listings, the lady on the other side asked me if that was the only channel I was watching….would she have asked the same question if it was the station broadcasting the local NFL team’s games that was about to be cutoff? No respect for Soccer, or should I say FOOTBALL! Welcome home Directv.

  21. Mauro Says:

    I had Dish Network add Setanta Channel 406 until they get GolTV back at no cost (they offered only 2 months free but I will revisit them at the end of that term). When I was told “sorry” I told them to cancel my account and all of a sudden the offer for 2 free months was made. I urge all to contact Dish and have them add another channel in lieu of goltv.

  22. Francisco Says:

    I called DIsh Network and threaten to cancell if they do not put GolTV back. They offered me $15 off per month until September next year, if I do not leave. There is no contract though.
    I took it, but if they do not fix it soon, I will move to Direct TV.
    Anyway as I see that the Spanish liga is going to FSC.. maybe I just miss one year of soccer 😦

  23. I WANT MY GOLTV! Says:

    I called to cancell my Dish services and called Direct TV, the service man could not find a signal….

    I’m screwed!

  24. Gol TV lover Says:


    I will change to Charter Cable if they don’t Solve the problem as soon as possible. I am not going to watch these games on nighbors homes


    Do you guys know that contract for EPL and la LIGA is set to expire nest year, i heard that ESPN will be bidding for both of them and transforming espn classic to a full 24/7 soccer network, w e ll see tough..

  26. Real Madrid Fan Says:

    This is soooooooooooooooooooo boring….i mean i put Dish just beacause of Spanish and German FUTBOL…and now the just change it without leting peepl know anything…i will cancel my dish and sign with DirectTV

    Viva la liga!!

  27. alvaro Says:

    yo me escrivi con el plato por gol tv les doy hasta fin de sept si no lo rregresan me cambio a direc t v estoy mui molesto con dish

  28. Tomás Ruiz Says:

    Si Gol TV no vuelve con Dish Network me cambio a Direct TV. Cuando me inscribí a Dish Netwok lo hice porque ofrecía este canal de fútbol. El problema es que llevo menos de dos años con Dish Network y quieren cobrarme $200 dólares por quebrantar el contrato, pero he pensado que me voy a cambiar de todas formas. Les doy hasta el 1 de octubre.

  29. Xavier G Says:

    I don’t want to drop dish network, but I will if you don’t bring back GolTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Salvador Says:

    I will be calling Dish Network this coming week to cancel and move to Direct TV. I will have to pay $ 200 to cancel so I want to make sure that GolTV will no make any changes next year. Does anyone have any information about that?

  31. I WANT MY GOLTV! Says:

    For those of you who can not watch la Liga or Bundesliga try this link


    it will give you any football match, somethimes the picture quality is poor but its better than nothing…

  32. Bryan - Futbol addict Says:

    Keep that subscriber cancellation counter oiled, ’cause here comes another one!

  33. duckc Says:

    You guys can watch all the soccer you need here:


  34. The Offside Trap » Blog Archive » Dish Network and Gol TV Says:

    […] extent, Bundesliga matches) on my Dish Network. As I have written extensively in my personal blog (here, here and here) Dish Network and Gol TV have been sniping about usage fees for the better part of […]

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  38. spanish league highlights Says:

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  39. Kev Says:

    how come every-other cable or satellite company has it… even the smallest company offer it in their package…come on!!! stop …

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