Dropping the ball

I’ve been slack with the posting this week.

Call it a trip down memory lane, where I’d post like three things a month and Bryan Hanks would e-mail me and bitterly complain about it.

Who knew his judgement would lead him to the pinnacle of his profession.

In Kinston, anyway.

But I digress. I’m sorry I’ve been slack. I’m staying up way too late at night watching 10-year-old Chinese gymnasts wipe the floor with us.

I’m hoping the boatload of track and field medals we’re going to win will help the United States overtake China in the medal count. The idea of being outdone by Communists really irks me.

Speaking of things that really irk me, Michael Orozco can drop off the face of the earth for all I care.

His elbow to a Nigerian player got him sent off in the fourth freaking minute in a do-or-die tie in the Olympics Wednesday.

We lost 2-1.

Hey, Mikey. I don’t care if he called your mom a slut. I don’t care if he called you a slut. Even if he accused you of being French, you don’t whack him with an elbow three feet from a referee.


It’s yet another reason that fans of the beautiful game (that’s soccer for my unwashed friends) in this country end up ignoring the MLS and whining about our national team.

We just don’t know how to play the game.

I just hope we can start figuring it out by the next World Cup (South Africa, maybe, in 2010).



One Response to “Dropping the ball”

  1. Hanks Says:


    I just try to encourage you to post your normal great musings. I’m a fan, you know.

    Also, I still have an opening in Kinston, too.

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