It’s over…or is it?

Brett Favre is a Jet.

Wow, that looks weird.

Anyway, the never-ending story took a northeasterly turn last night as the former Green Bay icon was shipped to New Jersey (the Jets aren’t actually based in NYC) for a conditional draft pick.

My favorite part of the deal: The nugget that says the Jets must send THREE first-round picks to the Packers if they deal Favre to Minnesota.

That’s a lot of cheddar.

But if I’m Ziggy Wilf, owner of the Vikings, I’m on the horn trying to get a deal done.

Crazy? Perhaps. But hear me out.

How much is a Super Bowl title worth? The Vikings wouldn’t be a lock to win the Lombardi Trophy if John Madden’s favorite quarterback landed in the Twin Cities, but they’d be a heck of a lot closer than they are with Tavaris Jackson.

So, the Vikes should send the three firsts the Jets would lose to Jersey for Favre. Right now.

And the three first rounders? Well, sure you’d like to have those.

But with rookie salaries skyrocketing out of control – Matt Ryan, the third choice in this year’s draft, is now the fourth highest-paid player in the league – is missing out on cutting those kind of checks that big a deal?

Besides, if you win the Super Bowl, you pick 32nd anyway.

This story might be over. But somehow, I’m not so sure…



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