I’d like to say I told you so, but I can’t find where I wrote it.

Ah, there it is, comment No. 4.

I don’t think the lack of true centers is a big deal. Aside from China, we aren’t likely to be facing many teams with seven-footers.
More concerning to me is the lack of quailty three-point shooters. Remember Athens when teams packed it in against us in a zone and dared us to shoot jumpers, which we missed at a heavy rate.
Aside from Michael Redd and maybe Deron Williams, we don’t have that guy you can’t leave open in a zone. I wonder if we’re going to regret not having some jump shooters on the roster.

Team USA is not the mortal lock for the basketball gold medal that some people might think they are.

Need some evidence? How about this morning’s clunker against an Australian side that didn’t have its best player (Milwaukee Buck center Andrew Bogut).

What’s the problem? Same as it was back in 2004.

We can’t shoot.

We can dunk. We can board. We can even pass it a little.

But we can’t put the ball in the basket.

I didn’t see the game – those 8 a.m. tips are problematic for us working stiffs – but I can imagine that the Aussies played a zone, forcing “the redeem team” to beat them with jumpers.

We won, but it wasn’t pretty.

We were 3-for-18 from deep. Toss in a poor 20-for-33 (61 percent) from the stripe and you get the first and last page in the book on stopping Team USA.

I hope we can win the gold medal. We invented basketball. We should be ruling it.

But in order for that to happen, the masonry has to stop.



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