Around the horn

There’s a lot going on today, so let’s get out the shotgun and hit it all:

1. Josh Hamilton is an unbelievable story. Not because he kicked a drug and alcohol habit. Not because he’s turned his life around and talks to kids about making good choices. But because he hit bomb after bomb last night in Yankee Stadium and had 50,000 New Yorkers chanting his name.

Justin Morneau actually won the derby, but 10 years from now, people will swear it was Hamilton.

2. Brett Favre appeared on “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” last night to get a few things off his chest.

I guess Chris Berman was busy butchering the home run derby.

I sort of see both sides here. I think Favre should be allowed to change his mind about retiring. I mean, other than Barry Sanders and Jim Brown, who has ever walked away with anything left in the tank and actually stayed gone?

But I get the Packers moving on. They’re paying Aaron Rodgers starter money. They drafted a couple of quarterbacks. They’re turning the page. Great. I get it.

Trade the guy. Let’s move along already.

3. Rick Reilly on TV makes me physically ill. I mean, he isn’t bad. But the fact that he’s on set means that the greatest living sports columnist is spending time as a talking head instead of banging away at a keyboard.

Maybe he’s tired of writing award-winning columns. But I’m not tired of reading them.

I’m a little concerned about where the business is headed. Reilly and Steve Rushin are out at Sports Illustrated, Mitch Albom makes up columns in between writing good books, Jason Whitlock has finally gone mental and Jim Murray is dead.

Where exactly can I go to read a decent sports column?

4. Manchester City has offered Barcalona $51 million for the services of Ronaldinho, the oft-injured, slightly out-of-shape and seemingly disinterested Brazilian standout.

That’s a lot of coin for a guy that was nailed to the bench for much of last season. My guess is that he’ll end up at AC Milan. It’s a nicer city and a team with better players.

5. There’s a copy of NCAA Football 2009 sitting out in my car that I can’t wait to get home and play. It’s going to be awesome.


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