Must-miss ads

Before I venture over to Fort Bragg for my visit to an ice skating rink, I need to get a few things off my chest.

There are a lot of commercials out there that annoy me to no end.

Let’s get bsuy:

1. The Scooter Store: They sell those Jazzy Power Chairs to senior citizens who have trouble getting around. That’s fine. Wonderful, even. But Wilford Brimley suggesting that people can get one “at little or no cost” steams me.

They bill Medicaid, who uses my money to buy the chairs. Just say that. At least then it’s honest.

2. Any credit counciling service: “Do you have bad credit? Are you in too deep with credit cards, looking for a way out? It’s not your fault.”

Yeah, it really is.

Don’t sugarcoat it for people. Try this one:

“If you’re crazy enough to run up thousands of dollars in credit cards bills by going out and buying 10 iPhones, then we can help you.”

Most people have had trouble with credit cards. I know I have. But don’t lie to folks. If you’re in too deep, you’re probably at least partially to blame.

3. Sell your timeshare: I can’t figure this out. If you own a timeshare, why would you sell it? Those things are cash cows.

Don’t think so? Then why is Timeshares Only spending so much money in ad revenue trying to buy yours?

4. J.G. Wentworth: These commercials kill me. Apparently, people receiving long-term settlements can call this company to get a lump sum for what I’m sure is a huge fee. People are crazy for doing that, but that’s not the annoying part.

The next time you see one of those commercials, count the number of times someone says “cash” or “money.” It’s like sitting through Economics in high school – everything repeated 20 times so everyone can pass.

5. Viagra: Seriously? We have to sing songs about erectile dysfunction now?

If anything, that’s probably more of a cause than a cure.


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