Long live rock and roll

Hey, it’s a blog exclusive.

This will appear in next week’s edition of “Fort Bragg Life.” My friends in Kinston would be interested to learn that Bryan Hanks is the “friend” referenced in the column…

I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember.

I had an Atari, which means I honed my skills on classics like “Pitfall,” “River Raid” and “Combat.”

I’ve since progressed through the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and all three versions of the PlayStation.

My wife has played some video games, citing a fondess for the Nintendo standard “Legend of Zelda.”

Other than a brief spell of playing “Final Fantasy VII,” she was pretty much retired from the world of gaming until we discovered “Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock” at a friend’s house in Kinston last week.

If you aren’t familiar, it’s a game (available on the PlayStation, XBox or the Wii) that features guitars for controllers. The basic premise is to, well, rock your way through the game.

I would have bet money that I, a man who has played only sports or role-playing games for the past decade or so, wouldn’t like it.

I would have taken that same amount of money and tripled it on a wager that my wife, a career woman, part-time student and full-time mother, wouldn’t like it either.

Let’s just say that it’s fortunate for me that gambling isn’t legal.

It’s surprisingly addictive.

I started off slowly, but my years of wielding a game controller paid off as I was ripping chords with the best of them.

My wife got so into it that she put on her glasses — a sure sign of intensity.

From “Slow Ride” to “Even Flow,” we took on ballad after ballad. We took turns playing with our buddy, who then insisted that we play together.

It was strange. Usually, I play video games by myself when my wife and son are sleeping.

Now, we were playing together. It was cool.

But the trip ended, and I thought that we’d slip back into our usual routine — me hammering away at “NCAA Football” or “Civilization Revolution” in the coming weeks while she got on with her normal life of ignoring the PS3 that sits on our entertainment center.

Instead, we ended up in Best Buy on Sunday, shopping for all the tools we’d need to become rockers at home.

A bit of back story seems relevant here. My wife is a wonderful woman. But she is one of the most frugal people standing in shoe leather.

Yet she stood smiling as we shelled out more than $160 for the game and two guitars.

We took it home and have played it every night since.

We’ve been strumming away so often that we’ve already played through every song in the career mode and now we’re working on the bonus songs.

I guess nothing brings a family together like a little rock and roll.



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