Getting back to work

Three-day weekends are fun, but the return to work on the Monday morning is always a challenge.

But I’m battling through it. And so should you.

Let’s get busy…

1. Cynthia Rodriguez is filing for divorce from her husband, Alex Rodriguez.

Apparently, depending on which gossip report you read, he’s either a cheater or a religous zealot. Or both. Who knows.

One thing that seems certain is that his bank account is likely to lose a few zeros.

He’s got two kids, including a newborn daughter, so this isn’t a funny story. In fact, I’m not sure why this is a story at all.

2. Brett Favre? Will he stay or will he go? My gut instinct is that he’s coming back. The real question is will it be in Green Bay or some other locale?

I’m guessing he winds up someplace else, as the Packer brass seems all too eager to move on.

Carolina? Chicago? Stay tuned…

3. Rafael Nadal ended Roger Federer’s title streak at Wimbledon Sunday in a match that’s being hailed by some as the “best ever.” I’d weigh in, but I didn’t see it. I was driving.


Apparently, a replay is set for tonight at 7 on ESPN Classic. Good times.

4. C.C. Sabathia looks to be on his way to Milwaukee for what amounts to a four-month rental. The reigning Cy Young winner in the American League will add punch to the top of the Brewers rotation for the rest of 2008 before cashing in his right to be a free agent this winter.

The jewel of the group of prospects heading to Cleveland is outfielder Matt LaPorta. He’s hitting .288 with 20 homers and 66 RBI at AA Huntsville. He projects as a big-time power hitter, and he’s only 23.



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