Over and under

I watched an interview Erin Andrews did with Dick Vitale at the Rays/Red Sox game last night, and when my wife wondered why the announcers were making fun of the fact that Vitale, well, likes to hear the sound of his own voice, I started thinking.

Who are the best announcers out there? Who are the ones who are supposed to be good, but aren’t? And who’s flying under the radar.

Well, here are my top three in each group:


3. Steve Phyisoc – He does play-by-play for the Angels, but I perfer his tone and style on the college basketball court. You can hear him on Fox Sport Net during Pac 10 games.

2. Ray Hudson – Former soccer player and brilliant color commentator on Gol TV’s coverage of La Liga. His descriptions are off the charts – and completely original.

1. Gus Johnson – I love this guy during CBS’ coverage of March Madness.


3. Billy Packer – He knows the game, but as he gets older he gets a little more cranky. And, as a Clemson fan, his Tobacco Road bias is a bit annoying.

2. Marv Albert – A lot of people really enjoy his NBA style. It’s just a bit over the top for me. Plus, I keep imagining him biting somebody when he says, “YES.”

1. Chris Berman – Put him in the Sunday Countdown studio and never let him out. His baseball call was cool about 10 years ago, and he really looks out of place on a golf set. He’s great in the studio, but outdated in the booth.

The best

3. Brad Nessler – The guy is a great college football play-by-play man.

2. Jon Miller – A personal bias here, as I grew up listening to Oriole games with Miller on the mic. He’s great on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, and he’s solid the other six days a week with the Giants as well.

He’s even in video games.

1. Vin Scully – A living legend. He’s getting pretty old now, so he doesn’t work as much. But there’s no one better.

I’d love to hear your lists. Post them here.



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    […] Our good friend Randy Capps — who we’ll be hanging with at the K-Tribe game tonight — has yet another great post on his soon-to-be-award-winning (doggone, that’s a lot of hyphens!) blog. It’s about the top (and worst) play-by-play announcers in sports. […]

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