Impulse control

We’ve all been there.

You’re at work, you’re frustrated that you’re missing out on Euro 2008 (OK, maybe that’s just me) and you’re really not in the mood for your boss to come over and give you the business.

But he does anyway, nitpicking at your latest project, obsessing over the tiniest little details and just being a pain in the rear.

So you jump up, grab him by the neck and slam him to the ground.

No? Well, I guess you aren’t Astros’ pitcher Shawn Chacon.

The story is that Houston GM Ed Wade confronted Chacon in the dining room and things got a little heated.

It hasn’t been a great season for Chacon, whose 2-3 record and 5.41 ERA got him bumped from the rotation recently. Apparently, he had already requested a trade out of Houston, underachieving in the N.L. Central at 36-42, 13 games behind the Cubs.

I’m thinking he’s going to get out of Houston, but by release instead.

It’s funny sometimes to imagine what would happen if our lives were more like those of famous athletes. I like my bosses a lot, so I’ve never had the urge to get all WWE on them. But if I did, I’d get fired and probably wind up in jail for assault.

Chacon is suspended, and despite his subpar numbers, will have little trouble finding a new job.

His new employers would be wise to let him eat in peace…



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