Hall worthy?

Curt Schilling is going under the knife today for his balky shoulder, and by his own admission, it’s possible that his career is over.

So if he’s done, is there a place in Cooperstown for him?

The numbers place him smack in the middle of a gray area.

He’s 216-146 over his 20-year career with a 3.46 ERA and 3,116 strikeouts. But he never won a Cy Young Award, an ERA title or a strikeout crown.

But I think he’s got to be in. Here’s why:

1. Postseason glory – Usually, I think a player’s postseason exploits are overblown in terms of measuring his Hall of Fame credentials. But with Schilling, it makes his best case.

He’s 11-2 in his 19 career playoff starts, which is tied for fifth in all-time postseason wins. His 2.23 ERA in playoff games is nothing to sneeze at either.

He was a big-game pitcher who could win the games that really mattered.

2. Great in his era – This is my usual standard for measuring a player’s worth for Hall of Fame inclusion. Was he great compared to the guys he was playing with?

Schilling was.

His lifetime ERA may not seem that great, but compare it to the league average for his career, 4.41, and it’s nearly a run-per-nine lower.

He won at least 14 games in a season nine times and topped 20 wins three times. He’s often overlooked as a strikeout pitcher, but he’s 14th on the all-time list.

I don’t think he’s a first-ballot guy by any stretch, but I think he’ll eventually find his way to the podium.



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