A Sunday full of drama

It was a Father’s Day to remember.

Not because I got new socks or a new tie or anything, though I did pull down a membership to the United States Tennis Association (always wanted one).

Nope, Sunday was cool because I spent the better part of the night watching golf in bed with my lovely wife.

Now there’s something I never thought I’d type.

Apparently we weren’t alone, as the last 90 minutes of Sunday’s duel between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate drew a whopping TV rating.

We watched as Mediate posted his number, signed his scorecard and waited in the press tent to see if he was the oldest U.S. Open champion ever – or Tiger’s playing partner in an 18-hole playoff on Monday.

As Tiger’s 12 footer circled the hole and dropped in, my wife and I marveled at the shot making in such a pressure packed situation. And aside from that hideous peace sign belt that Mediate was wearing, I felt a little bit sorry for the guy.

I mean, he went to bed last night knowing that – after playing the best, most draining 72 holes of his life – his prize is what amounts to a match play with the greatest golfer of his (or perhaps any) era.

Game 5 between the Celtics and Lakers, while good in its own right, almost paled in comparison with the action at Torrey Pines.

So this morning, my wife greets me with, “I enjoyed watching golf with you last night.”

Not the words a husband dreams about, but a noteworthy occurance all the same.


One Response to “A Sunday full of drama”

  1. Shanna (The Wife) Says:

    Glad I can provide inspiration for you…LOL!

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