Change is inevitable

It’s always interesting to share experiences with folks who have walked the same path you’re on professionally.

My good friend, Bryan Hanks, is resigning as sports editor of the Kinston Free Press. He’s “moving on up” in Jefferson’s lingo to become something called a “content/newsroom editor.”

That means boss to pretty much everybody in the Free Press newsroom, with the exception of the publisher, Patrick Holmes (another good dude).

Here’s his farewell on his blog.

It’s interesting because, in a way, I know what’s he’s going through.

Being a sports editor is all I ever wanted to be in this business. To work at a place where your “bosses” leave you alone and let you do what you want, no, have to do to put out a high-quality product. I had a job like that in Henderson. It was great.

But I eventually outgrew it. It happens more and more in this business these days. Newspapers are in a constant state of change as we try to keep up with the explosion of technology and the evolving tastes and preferences of people and how they want their news.

And while I regard Bryan as one of the finest sports editors around, he’s probably outgrown his position in Kinston.

This business needs innovative people at the controls. People who aren’t married to 1980s journalism, people who know how to get the job done with the right amount of guts and style and people who actually care about their employees and readers as much as they care about the bottom line.

Bryan is that guy. I believe that Kinston is a better place for having him around as its sports editor since 2002. And I can’t wait to see how the next six years will turn out.

And the idea of him in a shirt and tie everyday amuses me to no end.

Seriously, I wish Bryan the best of luck in his new position.


One Response to “Change is inevitable”

  1. Hanks Says:

    RC — you are the man. Thank you so much for your extremely too-kind words.

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