Conspiracy… or saving his own skin

It’s hard to make heads or tails of Tim Donaghy, who’s already convicted of betting on and manipulating the results of NBA games during his time as an official, and his latest claims against the league.

He said, in a letter released to coincide with Game 3 of this year’s finals, that “he learned in May 2002 that two referees known as ‘company men’ were working a best-of-seven series in which ‘Team 5’ was leading 3-2. In the sixth game, he alleged they purposely ignored fouls made by opponent ‘Team 6’ and made phantom calls putting its players at the free-throw line.

“‘Team 6’ won the game and came back to win the series.”

In case you don’t remember, that series featured the Lakers and Sacramento Kings. And Game 6 was, without a doubt, the worst officiated game I have ever witnessed.

Check this out.

So it makes me wonder.

It’s easy for David Stern to dismiss Donaghy’s claims as “baseless.” It’s in his best interest to do so. And you could make the case that the disgraced former referee is just trying to curry favor with prosecutors in the hopes of getting a lesser sentence.

But is it that hard to imagine that a league, especially one suffering from an image problem, reduced TV ratings and a game-fixing/betting scandal, could be trying to gently push things the way they’d like to see them go?

What do I mean? Was there ever any doubt, any at all, that the Lakers and Celtics would be playing in this year’s finals?

And is there any doubt that this series is going seven?

I’m not usually one to jump on board the conspiracy train, but the NBA has a shady history in this area. The 1984 draft, where the Knicks ended up with Patrick Ewing, the “Jordan Rules” from the mid-90s and too many head-scratching calls to mention lend credence to the tune Donaghy’s singing.

I compare him to Jose Canseco. Just because he’s a sub-standard human being doesn’t mean he’s lying.


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3 Responses to “Conspiracy… or saving his own skin”

  1. khandor Says:

    re: I compare him to Jose Canseco. Just because he’s a sub-standard human being doesn’t mean he’s lying.


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    […] NBA referee scandal This piece of youtube magic is passed along courtesy of The Sports Page, Conspiracy… or saving his own skin […]

  3. Blogging With Bryan C. Hanks : Kinston Free Press Says:

    […] I’ve been wanting to write a post on the whole Tim Donaghy fiasco, but our good friend Randy Capps has — as always — done a better job than I ever could have done. See his thoughts on the situation at his blog here… […]

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