Euro 2008 – so far

As several of my sports writer friends roll their eyes, let’s take a look at Euro 2008 so far:

Who’s hot

The Netherlands – Holy cow, the Dutch ran through the defending world champions with stunning ease. The first goal was legit, despite a mountain of stunningly stupid commentary to the contrary, the second goal was easily the goal of the tournament so far and the third came from a lightning-fast counter attack after what looked to be a sure goal on a free kick by the Italians.

You have to favor the Dutch to survive Group C after France and Romania played to a 0-0 draw.

Germany – A convincing 2-0 win to start the tournament has the Germans poised to roll through to the knockout stages. I just wonder how good they’d be if they had to grow their own strikers…

Portugal – A 2-0 win over the Turks wasn’t exactly stylish, but it’s a good leg up for the Portugese.

Who’s not

France – It’s amazing how much you notice Thierry Henry when he’s not on the pitch. His injury left a huge hole in the French attack, and the Blues never really threatened against a surprising compact Romanian side.

Croatia – They mave have won their opener, but it was a lucky 1-0 win against a side that is only in the event because it’s co-hosting it. I sort of liked them as a darkhorse, but I’m a little leery now.

Second thoughts?

I picked France to win this event on this site a few days ago, but without Henry playing up top, the French might not escape the group stage.

Quick hitters

1. Italy will bounce back in a huge way. There’s no way the Azzurri will be that bad again.
2. Germany will not conceed a goal until the knockout stages
3. I really wish I could watch Greece and Sweden today. I have to work, but I could always escape early…
4. After watching Cech and Buffon the past couple of days, I’m ready to put U.S. international and Everton man Tim Howard in the top five among the world’s goalkeepers. Of course, I am biased.
5. No Euro champion has ever retained its title. It won’t happen this time either, though I do think the Greeks could surprise.



2 Responses to “Euro 2008 – so far”

  1. UTP Says:

    I dont agree with you on the Azzuris….their weapon is defense which they seriously lack…without Cannavaro…they have never been an attacking team…they are more of a possession team who counter attack…especially against big opponents…

    France win this event? heheh…you have to be kidding…I would be really surprised if they make it through from the groups…

    My favorites this year are Germany and Portugal and not only because they started well…because both teams have spent time developing young players and it should pay the goods now….

  2. randycapps Says:

    I find it hard to believe that a team with as much experience as the Italians have will fail to show against Romania. I see them winning 2-0, setting up a winner-moves-on match with France on the final match day.

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