Take that, Red Sox

I never, ever want to agree with anything said by anyone affiliated with the New York Yankees.

That said, I think Hank Steinbrenner may be on to something:


Basically, the premise is that ESPN over-hypes the Boston Red Sox. While adding that the four-letter bows down to the Yankees just as much, I’m going to have to give the crazy rich dude his due.

ESPN might as well be the official network of the Red Sox.

On last night’s late SportsCenter broadcast, the main story from Boston’s game in Baltimore was the fact that Manny Ramirez made a catch out in leftfield – his job, by the way – and then high-fived a guy in a Sox jersey in the front row.

On and on the anchors gushed about another “Manny being Manny” moment before bringing the biggest Red Sox homer of them all, Peter Gammons, to wax poetic on the subject.

I know that the Red Sox and Yankees are big draws, and I’m sure the suits at ESPN have viewer data that suggests that they spend a huge block of time each night on the two richest clubs in baseball.

But, every once in a while, why not toss in a little objectivity. You know, just for fun.

Let me help.

Boston dropped its fourth straight game Wednesday, falling 6-3 in Baltimore, thanks to an eighth-inning grand slam from Jay Payton.

The loss keeps the Red Sox (24-19) a half-game behind the Tampa Bay Rays, who lost 2-1 at home to the Yankees Wednesday night.

The Orioles (21-19) completed a two-game sweep of Boston and now own the best home record (12-6) in the American League.

See, that wasn’t so hard.

I grew up with ESPN, and as my good friend Gabe Whisnant once pointed out, it’s the first channel I look for on an unfamiliar cable or satellite system. But the constant barrage of Red Sox and Yankee slobbering makes their baseball coverage difficult to watch.

At last count, there are 28 other teams in Major League Baseball. And when one of them, in a rebuilding year on the back of a decade worth of losing seasons, sweeps the world champions – it ought to be more important than a self-centered outfielder goofing off on the job.


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