Soccer gone wild

I wasn’t there, but I sure wish I were.

Apparently, a fight/fracus/scuffle broke out at a second-round 3A State Playoff match between Wilson Hunt and Gray’s Creek recently.

Earl Vaughan, the prep editor here at the Observer has been following the story, and here’s the latest:

Michael Lindsay, at the Wilson Times, has also been working the story:–

Here are my thoughts:

1. Game officials, though not required by FIFA rules to physically intervene in an altercation, should have in this case.

2. If the fight/fracus/scuffle had indeed been going on for 15 or 20 seconds with no intervention from officials or coaches, then I can’t fault Randy Raper, Wilson Hunt football coach and parent of one of the combatants, for trying to break it up. If my son ever gets in a fight/fracus/scuffle and no one comes in to stop it, I’m heading there to stop it myself. I suspect the man has broken up dozens of fights in his time on the sidelines. I really don’t think he tried to hurt anybody.

3. Where were the cops? It is “recommended” by the NCHSAA that uniformed personnel be there, but not required. Perhaps it should be.


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