Welcome to the world of HDTV

My dad’s a cool guy.

I bring the family to his house in South Carolina to belatedly celebrate his birthday, and what does he do? He drops my birthday present on me a couple of weeks early.

What was it?

How about a 26-inch Sanyo high-definition TV set. Not bad, considering I got him a shirt.

So, now that my living room in Four Oaks has a recliner, two end tables I haven’t put together yet and an HDTV, I was wondering how to start watching TV – and by TV I mean sports – in high definition.

I called the folks at Dish Network, and considering the usually terrible customer service, found someone fairly helpful. I need some equipment worth about $150 and an HD converter box that will add about $10 to my monthly bill.

So, in the spirit of doing my part to fight the recession, I’ll use my tax rebate check to help fund my journey into the crystal-clear world of HD.

Thanks, dad.


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