Same stuff, different year

Well, my favorite baseball team is at it again.

The Baltimore Orioles have fired Sam Perlozzo and have set off in search of a new skipper – probably Joe Girardi. Now I love Girardi and the job he did with the Marlins last year. But he’s only part of the solution.

The real problem lies at a much higher level.

Peter Angelos is a plague. He makes Daniel Snyder look good. The man has the baseball knowledge of a dustpan, but because he’s rich and owns the team, he feels compelled to meddle.

For example…

The Orioles could have Marcus Giles, Adam LaRoche, Erick Aybar and Ervin Santana on their roster right now in deals for Brian Roberts (whom I like) and Miguel Tejada (whom I’d like to see playing in Tampa). But Angelos nixed the trades made by his baseball people, with some apparent need to bolster his own ego.

Seriously, sell the team. Go back to being a slimy lawyer and get away from my O’s.

Oh, a quick shout out to my Kinston buddies. Had a great time at the Free Press, K-Tribe game and the after-hours entertainment. You guys might find it interesting to learn that Bryan Hanks got lost on the way to Grainger Stadium in a town he’s lived in for like five years. Of course, he still ended the night with more cool points than I did.

But there’s no need to get into that.

I was very impressed with the town and the people I met. I look forward to returning.


2 Responses to “Same stuff, different year”

  1. Hanks Says:

    RC — It was great to have you in K-Town; come back anytime.

    By the way: update your blog more! There’s great stuff here!

  2. Anonymous Says:


    You need to take lessons.


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