Pepper spray, headbands and other stuff

My column from Thursday’s Dispatch:

By RANDY CAPPS, Dispatch Sports Editor

It’s been a while since I’ve columned up, so naturally a few things have piled up on me that I need to address.

From the Things that Disappoint Me Department, what’s up with the JV boys’ basketball teams from Person County and Warren County having a brawl after a game Tuesday night?

This sort of behavior has no place on the streets of Warren, Person or Vance counties, so it really looks out of place in a high school gym.

It’s silly. There’s no reason to take that sort of frustration with you off the court. Still, for a situation that looked like it was heading into “Malice at the Palace” territory, I thought a few well-meaning fans and the Warren County Sheriff’s deputies did a pretty good job from letting it get even more out of hand.

And really, nobody likes pepper spray.

From the Things that Confuse Me Department, I have a pair of items. Why in the world does Chicago Bulls’ head coach Scott Skiles have a rule banning his players – including the newly-signed Ben Wallace – from wearing headbands.

Headbands? You’re kidding me, right? With NBA players going into the stands, firing guns at folks at strip clubs and any of the other things you can pull out that keep the NBA behind the NFL, MLB, college football and college basketball on the sporting totem pole, headbands are a concern? Please.

Hey, have you heard the one about Pittsburgh’s Bill Cowher shucking his NFL career to be the new head coach at N.C. State? Nobody appreciates the fervor of Wolfpack nation more than I do, but you guys are dreaming if you think Bill Cowher wants to make that move.

I know he owns a house in Raleigh. I know that it makes some sense on a lot of levels. But a simple fact remains.

It’s not that great of a job.

Who should you be after with all the money you can find? Paul Johnson at Navy or Norm Chow with the Tennessee Titans. Either guy is a great choice, and both would likely hang around a while.

Let’s move over to the Things that You Should Know Department, where you can learn about late-round playoff high school football.

No team from Vance County has played a game this late in the season since the 1980 4A Western Final, where Greensboro Page bounced Vance High, 24-21.

The crowd was better last week for Southern Vance against Northwood, and I’d be surprised if even more folks didn’t turn out this week for the 2AA West Final against Forest Hills.

Here’s a note about where I last worked – I’ve seen more people at scrimmages in Cleveland County. My point? Get out and support our young people. You might even like it.

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2 Responses to “Pepper spray, headbands and other stuff”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like one of the old teams that you covered will be taking on one of the new teams you cover.

    Early thoughts on Southern Vance and Shelby?

  2. Randy Capps Says:

    I’d give Southern a slight edge on defense, while Shelby gets the nod in offense and special teams.

    The Lions would be the favorite, but I’ve learned to never count the Raiders out.

    I’m just glad my string of consecutive seasons covering a title game participant is intact.

    This makes four years in a row…

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