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Jamboree report

August 19, 2006

The jamboree was Friday night. Here are a few thoughts, followed by my story…


Shelby is really good. Montgomery is in total command of the offense. Stack the line against Shelby and he’ll hurt you. Defensively, they’re OK. With that offense, that’s all they’ll need to be.

The Crest offense is strong. Robinson is much improved at QB, and Tosh Toms is a good back. Defensively, they’re a little off. Coach Kirby has some work to do here. At first, they’ll be trying to outscore people.

Burns’ offense is in high gear. Camp is unbelievable. His arm actually seems stronger to me, which is saying something. And against a very vanilla-looking Freedom team, their defense dominated as well.

KM will be interesting. Good OL, decent back in Antwan Ross, but that freshman quarterback needs to grow up fast. He threw three picks Friday night, one of which set up the TD that beat them. Their defense looked OK, but Waddell isn’t exactly a powerhouse.

And now, the story…

For most of the state, Friday night signaled the start of the high school football season.

In Cleveland County, it was more like a dress rehearsal.

The eighth annual First National Bank Cleveland County Jamboree was a chance for each of the county’s public school squads to smooth out the rough spots before next week.

KM learning on the job

Three interceptions, including one that set up a Raider touchdown, helped spoil an otherwise solid outing by Kings Mountain in a 7-6 setback.

Antwan Ross scored on the first play from scrimmage, taking a hand off 75 yards down the sideline for a score. The missed extra point would come back to haunt the Mounties as Waddell scored on a touchdown pass and added the extra point that would eventually decide the contest.

“I saw a lot of good things,” Kings Mountain head coach Dave Farquharson said. “Like any other scrimmage, I saw some things we need to improve.”

Chargers handle Hickory

Tosh Toms scored from 14 yards out in the first quarter and Black came in to spell Toms and added a 27-yard scoring run as Crest avenged last season’s jamboree loss to the Red Tornadoes.

Toms left the game with a minor injury, giving Black his chance.

“We knew Ryan was going to be a good football player for us this year,” Crest head coach Roy Kirby said. “He’s worked hard in the weightroom and he really got those pads down and ran the ball tonight.”

Jordan Robinson had a deep connection with Stanley Humphries helping set up the second Crest touchdown.

Bulldogs blitz Freedom

Lance Camp threw a touchdown pass to Harvey Kee and added a scoring run as Burns blanked Freedom, 28-0.

Kee also had a nine-yard touchdown run while Dewight Littlejohn turned in the play of the night, scooping up a loose ball and weaving his way 70 yards to score.

The Bulldog defense forced three turnovers against the 4A Patriots.

“I thought we went after them hard,” Burns head coach Ron Greene said. “I think our speed was a factor.”

Golden Lions in front

Shelby fell behind early before storming back to score three touchdowns en route to topping 4A Providence.

Darryl Montgomery hit Preston Roseboro with a 75-yard scoring strike for the first score and took it in himself for the second touchdown — a drive highlighted by a long screen pass to Arsenio Parks.

Parks added the third score in the closing minutes .

“I saw improvement,” Shelby head coach Chris Norman said. “I was pleased with the effort. Next week, all this is behind us. It starts counting on your record and determining how your season’s going to be.”


"I wanna go fast"

August 9, 2006

Got an e-mail today from our webmaster, reminding us of the importance of updating the blogs. So, in the spirit of compliance, here’s my take on “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.”

This movie rocks.

I took my lovely wife to see it in Fayetteville last week after driving around that city for the better part of an hour looking for a theatre. We’ll save the vacation driving stories for a later column.

Anyway, I was sort of worried that:

A. All the funny parts were in the previews

B. My bride, usually not a fan of slap-stick comedy, wouldn’t like it

Well, as it turns out, it was C.

We both loved it.

Will Ferrell was great. Funny from start to finish. He was so good, I almost feel the need to backtrack and watch “Anchorman” and “Old School.” I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, but there’s a scene where he’s praying at the dinner table that’s just classic.

All the supporting actors were solid as well. Gary Cole as Ricky’s daddy, Reese Bobby, and John C. Reilly as Ricky’s friend and teammate Cal Noughton Jr. stand out.

It’s a movie that doesn’t pretend to be a NASCAR biopic – it’s funny and doesn’t try to be much else.

It’s well worth the money, but not exactly for the youngsters (PG-13).

High school football under way

August 1, 2006

My story from Tuesday’s Star…

The time and place didn’t matter — be it Shelby or Crest on Monday morning or Burns or Kings Mountain later in the evening — one thing was the same all day at every school on Monday.

It was hot.

An unforgiving July sun baked the freshly mowed football practice fields as the mercury hovered in the low 90s, but as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on.

The show Monday was the opening day of high school football practice across the state and a late-summer heat wave made things tough on players and coaches alike.

“The players are doing just fine,” Shelby’s head athletic trainer Jim Prevost said. “The players we’re dealing with right now didn’t eat breakfast this morning. Some of them are just out of shape. They’ve had an easy summer and didn’t come to conditioning.“

We’ve got such great student trainers. Any time they see an athlete that looks a little bit in distress, it’s kind of over-care, which is the way you should do things.”

Getting started at ShelbyUnder the watchful eye of Prevost and a swarm of student trainers, the Golden Lions started defense of their 2AA State Championship.About 125 varsity and junior varsity players turned out for opening day — a figure that will likely shrink a bit in the coming days.

And all of them, according to head coach Chris Norman, will be starting off slowly.“

Just take the first step, basically,” he said. “Everything we’ve done in the summer’s been optional. The attitude seems good on the first day and we’re excited about getting started.”

Chargers looking to turn the page

The last time the Crest Chargers stepped onto to the practice field, it was the day before the 4A Western Finals.

That game never happened after Crest was forced to forfeit that and all of its other games in the 2005 season because of an ineligible player, so Monday’s workout was a chance for the program to move on.

“Last year was last year,” Crest head coach Roy Kirby said. “We’re going to get back and try to win every game we play just like we always do.”

The Chargers welcomed about 100 players for the first day, including a few unexpected offensive linemen.

“It was great to see the offensive line guys come out,” Kirby said.

Bulldogs take the field

Burns High also had around 100 players on hand for an evening practice, and head coach Ron Greene believes that attendance is half the battle.

“We’re just trying to get them here,” he said, driving around from station to station on a Gator. “We had minicamp to teach drills. Just carrying over that and getting into a little more depth.“Just getting them here and getting these early days of acclimation to this weather. Of course, we’ve been out here in helmets all summer long.”

The western end of the field — which happened to be in the shade — was the place to be in Lawndale.

Kings Mountain gets under way

Kings Mountain head coach Dave Farquharson took a break from supervising the 80-plus players who came out for the first workout of the season to share his plans for the first few days of practice.“

Today. we’re just picking up from minicamp. Just spending a lot of time teaching, trying to pick up where we left off last Thursday.“

Just trying to get everything in that we want to have in before we start contact.”

All four teams have scrimmages scheduled on the first day allowed under state guidelines — Thursday, Aug. 10.